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Monroe Cleaners- Organic Dry Cleaning Store
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24Hr. Drop-off & Pick up
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How we handle your job...

*No more rushing to the cleaners before it close to pick up or drop off your clothes.

*No more waiting on line.

*Fast & easy for your convenience.

*No extra charge.

What is it?

It is a service we provide for our customers for no extra charge where you can drop off & pick it up your cleaning at any time, even after store hours.
How it works?
1. Come in anytime during our store hours and provide us with following information (name, phone#, address and credit card#). After receiving the information, you will receive a bag with your name and number along with a 4 digit PIN of your choosing.
2. Now you are all set to use our 24 hour locker service. Just simply drop off your garment at any time in our drop-off box located under our message board.
3. When picking up your order, just enter your 4 digit PIN on your designated locker which will be shown on the message board.
4. Now for the best part, you can do all this even after store hours. The front area of the store is accessible at all time. All you need is any type of Credit/Debit card to enter. Just swipe your card in the slide and the door will open.
* If you have any further questions, please talk to one of our employee.
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