Monroe Cleaners - Organic Dry Cleaning Store-
Monroe Cleaners- Organic Dry Cleaning Store
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24Hr. Drop-off & Pick up
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How we handle your job...
Our Professional Services
* Expert Dry Cleaning of all Fabrics
* Shirt Laundering
* Tailoring and Alterations
* Tablecloths & Napkins
* Comforters & Blankets
* Draperies
* Rugs & Carpets
* Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved
* Box Storage
* Bed Sheet & Pillow Cases Cleaning
We Care For Your Garments
Monroe Cleaners' employees are all well-trained and experienced. From when we receive your garments until they are returned to you, your clothes go through a 6-step quality inspection process and a 2-step quantity check process.
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